Collaboration is a byproduct of skilled communication. Listening to C-Suite level executives at your organization to understand desired outcomes is Emerald Tablet's first step toward Program Management and Product Development. Strong data, business, market and financial analysis then ensures our collaborative team is positioned to deliver the expected result.



Change is stressful but with strong change management skills both as a specific process or as a more general professional practice, change can be responded to in an agile and thoughtful way. Adaptation is required as an organization grows, project scope expands, or targets change. Emerald Tablet masterfully executes the plan yet is responsive as the dialogue develops and additions or enhancements present themselves in real-time.



Emerald Tablet is an alternative to the standard management and consulting role and will work alongside your organization's Project Management Office and ITIL protocols.
Achieve desired growth, target the root causes restricting your business, or simply advance profitability by seamlessly adjusting to trending IT advancements with Emerald Tablet consulting and management.

Emerald Tablet Consulting is a stakeholder influencer at Fortune 500 companies in Philadelphia, New York City and Silicon Valley. Advisory services have been successfully applied on initiatives at Fortune 100 companies such as Comcast, Prudential Financial, Merck, Pfizer and UnitedHealth Group.