Proven Approach

Offering over 20 years experience in business, with systems and process management in the Telecom, Real Estate, Healthcare, Banking, Life Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries. Emerald Tablet's consulting approach is designed to empower your management and technical team.



IT Strategic Initiatives Program Management

Successful companies have a short-term and long-term roadmap. Emerald Tablet engages Strategic Programs at the highest level and provides direction for workstreams included

On- shore and Off-shore Business Services

Globalization is a practical financial practice as well as an indicator of inclusive company culture. Teams are international and Emerald Tablet secures the necessary change management

End-to-End Application Integration and Training

New Application Integrations, Upgrades to Existing Installations, or Decommissioning Services? Emerald Tablet leads the plan and training material so impacted employees are engaged

Network Security and Maintenance Services

Business Development is connecting the right dots. Emerald Tablet works with proven solution providers and industry experts to address, modify, secure and maintain peak system performance

Vendor Communication, Selection, and Oversight

Following Financial approval but prior to project kick-off often there are RFPs, Scorecards, MSAs and selection of additional staff who will undergird an initiative. Emerald Tablet assists with over 20 years of insight

Data Storage and Cloud Migration Management

Reconsidering the cost of annual IT expenses and curious about understanding capacity, performance, and configurations across the enterprise? Emerald Tablet can successfully manage your organization's transition to cloud storage

Process Driven

Choosing Emerald Tablet's Services?
You can Expect:

  • 1) A comprehensive consult to identify goals and discover potential opportunities
  • 2) A report which serves as a road map that includes a proposed project scope, with suggested IT solution
  • 3) A cost analysis with related schedule, timeline and milestones

Upon review of Emerald Tablet’s initial deliverables your organization can refine and adjust the assessment
to further assist in reaching targeted outcomes.

Managing the plan, people & processes to unlock
the power of technology
the value of data
the synergy of teamwork
all while delivering targeted outcomes for an organization's future success

Purposeful Connection

Right relationships are key—that’s why when it comes to your consulting and management selection, be choosy! In return Emerald Tablet aims to give each client the time and guidance they deserve. No one succeeds alone. Let's put our efforts together. Contact Emerald Tablet today.