ESRI and Microsoft Sharing Insights with NOAH Foundation Leadership

12/09/2020 Richard Budden lead the conference by opening with a review of McKinsey Global Institute’s report on Smart Cities where data is used to improve quality of life for residents. Proper planning by the government, plus its incorporation of GIS, are components that provide use cases to measure and correct negative impacts upon people, infrastructure, and the environment: all three are essential to foster healthy civic life. The demonstration of new digital precision tools, by the General Manager for ESRI Europe, assisted end users with envisioning how to run a basic project on a reasonable budget while managing what PMI professionals call the triple constraint.

Trademark Awarded for Water Quality Improvement Service

8/4/2020 The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved the application for and granted the trademark of Machines Artificially Identifying Debris Bionic Technology Leveraging Electronic Requests ®. MAID and BTLER are programs offered by NOAH Foundation. In its 2020 USPTO Progress and Potential Report, data indicates several major findings such as the number of patents with at least one woman inventor increased from 20.7% in 2016 to 21.9% by the end of 2019. The report also communicates the “Women Inventor Rate” (WIR), (the share of U.S. inventors receiving patents who are women) increased from 12.1% in 2016 to 12.8% in 2019. More women are entering and staying active in the patent and trademark system. Their participation is opening new commercial markets and bringing new solutions to old and recurring problems.

ESRI Hosts World's Largest GIS Conference,
NOAH Foundation Front and Center

7/13/2020 The 2020 ESRI User Conference (ESRI UC) extended an interactive and online experience to its Geographic Information System (GIS) community which includes NOAH Foundation’s CEO Isadora Detres. She describes ESRI tools as “World Class for geospatial solutions” and lauds top leadership as “Visionaries dissecting Microsoft Azure Arc capabilities”. The Conference from July 13-16, 2020 covered various topics within ESRI’s core services such as Emergency Services, Sustainability Planning, and Transportation solutions. New to their menu of GIS tools are offerings for Supply Chain and Logistics, plus Health and Human Services. ArcGIS experts covered not only what is new and available for 2020 but what is next in their dynamic suite of applications.

Microsoft AI for Earth Summit Extends Invite to NOAH Foundation CEO

6/25/2020 Microsoft welcomed CEO Isadora Detres who attended the two-day summit and educational experience. Content presented by Lucas Joppa, Dan Morris, Siyu Yang, Tucker Burns, Joel McCune and others covered the latest in machine learning technologies and tools on Azure. Attendees were largely comprised of AI for Earth grantees, pioneers in data science and developers. Teams shared best practices and latest technological insights to advance Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques that are facilitating an assortment of environmental projects and cutting-edge architectural models. Group leaders covered a host of questions and provided solutions on topics to address of interest to Engineering support, and Python and R data scientists.

CEO, Isadora Detres and Microsoft Imagining the Future

6/2/2020 Microsoft and Industry leaders met for a summit dedicated to thinking big about the critical role of artificial intelligence to help the world navigate through these unprecedented times. AI is proving its value in addressing massive change, disruption and unpredictability as well as enabling business continuity, greater agility and efficiencies. The interactive gathering brought together prominent leaders to discuss the extraordinary possibilities of AI and practical steps to drive lasting impacts. Top executives and experts who know what it takes to become an AI organization led discussions on the power of AI for manufacturing and supply chains, how AI is advancing health and medical services, Microsoft’s meaningful approach to responsible, inclusive, trusted AI and challenged attended organizations with a call to action for adaptation of introduced concepts while creating future AI solutions in their organization

Isadora Detres Receives Microsoft AI for Earth Grant

5/1/2020 Founder of Emerald Tablet Consulting and CEO of NOAH Foundation, Isadora Detres has been awarded a grant from Microsoft as part of its ‘AI for Earth’ program. Ms. Detres will use the grant to support her product design for a machine learning model that detects debris. Her research leverages emerging technologies from both the United States Geological Society (USGS) and advanced network solutions from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). NOAH Foundation was formed in 2019 as the Internet of Things presented itself as the primary way leadership will combat recurring climate change and environmental problems.

AI for Earth is a Microsoft program aimed at empowering individuals and organizations to solve local and global environmental challenges by increasing access to AI tools and educational opportunities, while accelerating innovation. The AI for Earth award program extends Azure for application design plus provides selected researchers and organizations, such as the NOAH Foundation, access to its cloud and AI computing resources to accelerate, improve and expand work on climate change, agriculture, biodiversity and/or water challenges. More information about AI for Earth can be found on the Microsoft AI for Earth website. To learn more about NOAH Foundation and its services or connect with the organization about your green initiative please email to discuss the scope of work.

NOAH Foundation Partners with Temple University

12/31/2019 CEO, Isadora Detres works with Temple University through its Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute ("IEI") at the Fox School of Business. NOAH Foundation which formed in 2019, is a non-profit that organized to serve both established corporations and start-ups participating in building Smart Cities, using Smart Grid technologies and the Internet of Things to implement green and sustainable solutions. Temple University and its entrepreneurship program is a "natural fit with NOAH Foundation's goals and high impact strategy" stated Kerry Slade, Assistant Professor and Assistant Academic Director of the IEI, and coordinator of the New Venture Internship program. "We are very grateful to organizations like NOAH for participating in our students' development." During the program, students who intern at NOAH Foundation assist with project work while expanding their skill sets to ensure a smooth transition from student life into the workforce.